In 2003, during the re-authorization process of the Violence Against Women Act, four national organizations came together to take a stand for the safety of Native women: Sacred Circle National Resource Center to End Violence Against Native Women, Clan Star, Inc., the National Congress of American Indians, and the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence.  It was recognized that to fully participate in the national movement to create the changes needed to increase safety for Native women broad communication was essential.  The Restoration of Sovereignty & Safety magazine emerged to fulfill this task.

The Restoration of Sovereignty & Safety magazine is a publication dedicated to informing tribal leadership and communities of emerging issues impacting the safety of American Indian and Alaska Native women.  The name of the magazine, Restoration of Sovereignty & Safety, reflects the grassroots strategy of the Task Force that by strengthening the sovereignty of Indian nations to hold perpetrators accountable the safety of Native women will be restored.  The magazine is a joint project of the NCAI Task Force and the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center.  It is produced and made available during national NCAI conventions and the annual USDOJ – Tribal VAWA Consultation.

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